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Our cycing training plans will help you take ownership of your own training–in a way you become your own coach by following the guide lines from our plans and between us you will reach your goal.

Top Coaching Tip

To make the Sprint session into a Crit session replace the full recoveries with tempo efforts. Then as you improve even further change the tempo efforts to threshold efforts. A word of warning, it is not for the faint hearted!

Adding structure to your training is about the best thing you can do to reach your full potential on the bike. That's why we have created six unique training plans to complement the 3LC Cycling Training Series.They have been designed for cyclists of all levels and abilities and are to be used alongside the 3LC DVDs and downloads.


These training plans are not set in stone. The idea is for you, the rider, to take some ownership of your own training and coaching. It's important that you set your outcome performance goal, this can be weeks, months or two years from now. Just as important as your outcome is the learning targets you will have to set yourself on the pathway to your main goal. With this in mind the 3LC Cycling Training Plans can easily be tweaked to suit your own personal needs, goals and lifestyle. The main aim is to provide the structure needed to get the most out of your time in the saddle and to be able to see improvement along your pathway towards that main goal.


Please note, these training plans are not the same as a dedicated personal training plan. That would require a higher level of one-on-one coaching tailored to your specific needs. 3LC will be offering a range of personal training programs with an exciting partnership we are currently forming with one of the UK's leading Sporting personal development companies.


Above all, we want you to become a better cyclist and enjoy yourself in the process. Combine the 3LC Cycling Training Series DVD with these unique training plans and you'll be well on your way.


Our cycling training plans will help you:


          Add structure to your training schedule


          Get the most from your 3LC DVDs


          Improve overall fitness and comfort on the bike


          Make your training more focused and even fun!


          Prepare for any form of cycling event


          Increase your aerobic fitness


          Improve your VO2 Max


          Develop your sustainable power at lactate threshold


          Change pace while under the stresses of climbing


          Become a faster sprinter


          Help improve your, road racing, club runs, sportives, charity rides, time trials and mountain biking


We advise that you use the 10-week Endurance Plan first and then progress to the other individual disciplines. If you're stuck for time and have a sportive or charity ride looming, you may wish to jump straight into the 5-Week Sportive Plan.


Please note - The 3LC Cycling Training Plans are to be used in conjunction with the 3LC Cycling Training Series. They have NOT been designed to replace one-on-one coaching. They are a generic set of plans to assist a wide range of cyclists.


The 3LC Cycling Training Plans consist of the following:


         10-Week Endurance Plan


         5-Week Road Race Plan*


         5-Week Time Trial Plan*


         5-Week Climbing Plan*


         4-Week Sprinting Plan*


         5-Week Sportive Plan*


*mix-and-match these blocks to suit your specific training goals

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3LC Cycling Training Plans

- Peter Kennaugh Snr, 3LC Director & Head Coach

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Add structure to your indoor cycling training and coaching sessions