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The 3LC Cycling Training Series was filmed on the Isle of Man and features an incredible cast of the Island’s top trainers and cyclists. The brief profiles below will better acquaint you with some of the muscle (& mouths) behind our sessions.

3LC Rider Profiles

Learn a little more about the Manx

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Mark Cavendish is a rider that needs no introduction these days. He has put Manx cycling on the map. After winning 25 Tour de France stages, the points jersey in all 3 Grand Tours and the 2011 World Championship, it’s hard to believe Mark’s cycling career began at the Ramsey BMX Course on the Isle of Man. His successful career has earned him the title "Fastest Man on Two Wheels", but to us he's still known as Cav. You'll never meet anyone as passionate about cycling.

Pete Kennaugh, or PK to his friends, is an up and coming star for Team Sky. In 2012 he won the gold medal as part of the Great Britian Team Pursuit team at the 2012 Summer Olympics becoming the first Manxman in 100 years to win gold. He played a key role in Team Sky's yellow-jersey victory at the 2013 Tour de France. In the 2014 season, he will continue to focus fully on the road. Outside of cycling, PK is into DJing and has quite the watch collection!

Anna Christian is a rising star in women's cycling. She rides for Scott Contessa Epic and is the 2013 Junior Women's British Road Race Champion. Like many Manx cyclists, she began her cycling career at an early age attending the weekly Royal London 360 League. She's a big fan of the mountains and an exciting rider to watch on the road. Her brother Mark is a professional rider for Team Raleigh.

Rob Holden is a professional rider turned professional motivator. During his 9-year pro career, Rob was known as a strong all-rounder on the British cycling scene. He rode for Percy Bilton in the early part of his career and won the 1990 British Criterium Championships whilst riding for Banana-Falcon. Since his retirement, Rob has continued to ride at the ametuer level--winning the GC at the Tour of Ulster in 2002. He’s now committed to helping others succceed in the sport that he loves.

You can’t discuss the history of British Cycling without bringing up Steve "the Pocket Rocket" Joughin. Known for his trademark kick to the finish line, Joughin is arguably one of the greatest British riders of his generation. The Pocket Rocket won two British National Championships during his career as well as a host of other races--beating some of the best in the business! He is a highly regarded figure on the Isle of Man and now runs a sports clothing company called Pro Vision with his son Ben.

Peter Kennaugh Snr has been riding, training and breathing cycling for over 40 years. He’s an accredited British Cycling coach with an in-depth understanding of what it takes for a cyclist to perform at his/her top level. This knowledge has played a key role in developing his son Pete into the successful rider that he is today.  He is the brains behind the structure of the 3LC Cycling Training Sessions and is often referred to as our Yoda of turbo training.

Elliot Baxter is a mountain biking machine by day and a fire fighter by night. He's pretty formidable on the road too! Elliot is a former British U-23 Mountain Bike Champion and has also won the End to End MTB challenge twice. He continues to be a successful competitor on the international cycling scene and is a very popular figure in the Manx peloton. It's hard to see him ever fully retiring from cycling.

Tim Kennaugh (aka TK) is a member of the management team at Rapha Condor Sharp. As a cyclist, Tim came through the ranks of the British Academy, racing on the Italian circuit and achieved notable cycling success on both the track and the road. Cycling aside,Tim can be described as a social Sagittarius who loves music, traveling, pulling Race Faces and spending time with his pet rabbit Holly.





Christian Varley is a former British Academy rider. He is a hugely knowledgable, classy rider who has come back into the sport following a 5-year break. During his time on the UK circuit he rode for Maestro-Nella and Rochelle. He is the son of Tony Varley and is following in his fathers's footsteps in the IOM Fire Service. Since his comeback he has had some postive results riding for the IOM National Team - notibly a second place finish in the 2011 Ras Mumham in Ireland.

Josh Knights (aka Josh Days) currently rides for the Mountivation Cycling Academy. He is the Isle of Man Juvenile Time Trial Champion as well as the 2011 GHS Team Time Trial Champion. When Josh isn’t busy tending to school responsibilities, he’s cycling, talking about cycling, thinking about cycling or dreaming of the day he becomes a pro cyclist!

Chris Whorral (aka Bobbin) came through the ranks of the British Academy and is a former European Track Champion. He finished the 2011 season off in style as the highest place U-23 rider in the End to End MTB challenge. Bobbin is known as someone who never gives up and lists his favourite saying as "He who dares wins". He's an avid DJ, supports Liverpool FC and is not afraid to show off his moves on the dance floor.

Tony Varley is a legendary fell runner on the Isle of Man and an accomplished mountain bike rider turned road racer. Tony won no less than 7 IOM Fell Running Championships, was IOM MTB Champion 5 times, won the End to End MTB Challege twice and once won the British Vets Road Race Championships at IOM Cycle Week. He recently retired from the Fire Service and now spends his time sitting in his rocking chair drinking lots of freshly brewed coffee and red wine!

Stephen Williams (aka Bubs) rides for Manx Viking Wheelers. Bubs has been cycling since he was 11 years old and after a 13-year break from the competitive circuit, he came back to win the 2010 Isle of Man Road Race Series as well as the 25 mile Time Trial Championship. Bubs loves to look his best on the bike and always has his banter boots on. You'll know you're riding with Bubs when you hear "put it in the big ring".

Gianni Epifani (aka G) rides for Manx Viking Wheelers. He is the Isle of Man’s Sport Development Officer and has yet to find a sport he doesn’t like. He has achieved a slew of titles during his sports career including multiple Time Trial League wins, Island Games Medals for athletics and has also represented Great Britain at the 2008 World Duathlon Championships. He’s a father to 3, a husband to 1 and has the most competitive Race Face on the Island--if not the world! We love you G.

Chris Nicholson (aka Nicho) is currently riding in Belgium for the Lotto-Predictor-VC Ardennes team. Nicho was named the most outstanding rider at the Manx Road Club in 2010 and this has only spurred him on to achieve his goal of one day turning professional. The highlight of his career so far is winning a bronze medal at the National Junior Road Race in 2010. Since then he has performed well on the national road race circuit as well as the track.

Max Bezance rides for the Manx Viking Wheelers. He is a hedge fund trader and a sports nut weekend warrior. An avid cyclist for over 10 years, Max also comes from a background in running. He’s won podium finishes in the Brands Hatch Half Marathon as well as the National Team Tri Championships. He's also qualified for the World Half Iron Man Championships. Max is a Virgo, a father to 2 and cherishes the day he met Bubs.

Aaron Livesy is a dedicated cyclist and club secretary at the Manx Road Club. He represented the Isle of Man well at the 2011 Inter-Island Games and continues to ride strongly. His biggest to date was on home soil with Gianni Epifani during the 2up 10-mile Time Trial with an impressive time of 21 minutes and 48 seconds.

James Smettem is passionate about cycling and dedicates his time to organizing the Isle of Man Youth Tour--Great Britain's biggest cycle race for junior and youth riders. James has also just been named the new Chairman of the Manx Road Club so his life is about to get even busier! Despite all this, James can be found competing in the IOM Road Race series and in the 10-mile Time Trial League where he posts impressive results. James, we salute your efforts!

Tom Black (aka Big Tom) rides for Team Manx Telecom. Highlights from Tom’s cycling career include riding for Team Isle of Man alongside Mark Cavendish in the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, winning the IOM Road Race Championships in 2010, taking home a bronze medal in the Junior 25-mile TT Championships in 2008 and equaling Cav’s native record for the 10-mile time trial at 20 minutes 08 seconds.

Andy Brooks (aka Brooksie) currently rides for the Manx Viking Wheelers and the Manx Mountain Bike Club. He has one winter series mountain bike win under his belt as well as a few end-of-club-run gallop wins! He’s single, likes Cervelo and recently beat his arch-rival Floyd’s 10-mile time trial personal best. He can now rest easy!

Alex Haddock (aka Cod) currently rides for Manx Viking Wheelers. Like many of the Island’s young cyclists, Alex got his start at the weekly youth races at the National Sports Complex in Douglas. He has won the U-16 British Team Time Trial Championships, placed 3rd in IOM B Race Series (1st for the Juveniles) and was selected for the 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games. Alex also holds football near and dear to his heart--avidly supporting and singing for Liverpool year after year.