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World road race champion Mark Cavendish has joined other leading Manx cyclists to produce a series of training films in the island... 

Overcoming boredom and finding motivation to simulate an outdoor ride are two of the bigger obstacles to tackle, which is where the guys from 3LC come in.

Star wattage of reigning road world champion makes this series a cut above the competition.

Ultimately, at the end of each 60 minute ’Road Race’ session an excellent workout was achieved. offers a choice of training DVDs to help make winter cycle roller training more productive and, dare we say, enjoyable.

3LC is as close to having an actual personal trainer as you’ll ever have in your garage or living room. 5/5 this will definitely improve your cycling.

These training DVD’s are for WINNERS. If you want to win… train with the best!

What really stood out was the pace of the session and the interaction between the on-screen participants. They really provided some good humoured motivation. I think my favourite quote is 'If it was easy, footballers would be doing it!'

To see Cav drenched in sweat, contorting his face and the turbo into a myriad of shapes while panting “How many more of these do we have to do?” made me realize our World Champion is human. This series is one that any cyclist will learn from and grow.

A series of turbo training DVDs that banish the boredom of static training. 

3LC FredCast Review

Without a doubt this is a great unique workout. I didn't think I was going to like it but I LOVED it!

We like the DVDs from the UK-based company Three Legs Cycling. The highlight of the entire collection comes on the Sprint DVD. Reaching his limit, Cavendish drops an F-bomb to express his displeasure at having to do more intervals.  

3LC Bicycling Magazine Review

It's like having a coach in the room with you. The actual session left me gasping for air. It’s not easy, or at least I did not make it easy!

3LC Quadrathon Review

Overall I found the work out to be very well structured and extremely effective.

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3LC Cycling Training Session Reviews

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