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How to Use 3LC: Sprinting to Train for Your Crit Race

By The 3LC Team, Feb 19 2015 03:00PM

We are often asked, “Can the 3LC: Sprinting session help you in a Crit race?” The simple answer is yes, but let’s break this down further.

The 3LC: Sprinting session is just that, an indoor cycling training workout designed to improve your sprint. As you may already know, to develop your sprint you have to alternate very short explosive efforts with long recoveries. That’s why we don’t simply design a turbo session where you just smash it for 60 minutes straight.

To sprint at maximum effort you have to practise sprinting at the same maximum effort, hence the proper recoveries. If we limited the recoveries in our sprinting training session you would be doing the sprint efforts at say 90% effort rather than 100%. As a result, you would underperform in that all-important sprint finish and lose bragging rights with your mates!

To shift the 3LC: Sprinting session from purely sprint-focused training to Crit race training, you will want to experiment with the recovery segments. By upping the pace during the recovery sections to tempo (limiting recoveries), you will simulate a Crit race situation. A few weeks of this and you will be race ready. But a word of warning, don’t try this until your fitness levels are high.

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