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There are currently a multitude of very expensive turbo trainers on the market with complicated set up procedures and software that requires timely installation. When we talked to cyclists regarding this, almost all said that they wanted something simple to set up, low in cost and–most important of all–a session that would be interesting, pass quickly and give them a good workout. This is how 3LC (3 Legs Cycling) came to be.


3LC is based on the Isle of Man and cycling is our passion. For decades this sport has been hugely popular on the Island and we have been committed to helping our cyclists achieve their goals. This has led to many local riders–past and present–competing on both World Tour and Pro Continental teams.

About 3LC

Our approach to indoor cycling training

Keeping it Simple

We have been designing turbo trainer sessions for many years now and it didn’t take long to realise that they can be very demanding on the body and mind. Most clients we work with have 9-5 jobs. After a busy day in the office, they jump on their turbo only to struggle with their session. It can be a frustrating process for many cyclists.


Does this sound familiar? After a manic day at work you arrive home feeling drained and in no mood for training. However–credit to you–you decide to climb on your turbo and complete your 10 minute warm up followed by “x” amount of minutes at a given heart rate or watt zone. Then… what happens? You don’t get anywhere near the required numbers and climb off - failing to complete the session and feeling defeated. Don’t worry we've all been there, including me!  


That’s exactly why I started to work with cadence because you can “kid” yourself a bit this way. It’s simple really. On those days when you feel fatigued you simply drop down a couple of gears resulting in a less intense session. OK, you may not have quite reached those magic numbers, but at least you made it through the session, had a decent workout and felt good for it.


Suitable for all

The 3LC Training Series is suitable for athletes of all abilities from pro riders to cyclists new to the sport. All you'll need is a turbo trainer, watt bike or exercise bike. There's no need for heart rate monitors, power devices or complicated field tests. If you want to measure these values to track your progress then by all means do so, but we want to highlight that with 3LC Training you can start to feel the benefits instantly.


We have five cycling training sessions that will improve your peak fitness for all aspects of cycling be it sprinting, climbing, time trialing, road/criterium racing, track riding, mountain biking, triathlon or sportive riding. The main aim of our training program is to increase your sustainable threshold. We believe this is the key element that makes you faster in all aspects of cycling. You will enhance your aerobic and anaerobic fitness while improving your specific strength and pedaling technique.


With expert coaching from myself and two respected former pro’s–Ex-British Champion Steve ‘the Pocket Rocket’ Joughin and Milk Race stage winner Rob Holden–you'll be motivated and guided through every stage of the program. To make your indoor training regime even more beneficial, former World Road Race Champion Mark Cavendish and Olympic Champion Pete Kennaugh are heavily featured in our series. Their enthusiasm and energy is hugely compelling. We believe that training next to the professionals will help you achieve your goals even quicker. With our easy-to-use graphical instructions and excellent professional advice–you'll be reaching peak fitness in no time!


How Does it Work?

By using our sessions and keeping to the required cadence you will notice over time that you are able to pedal more efficiently. The result of this good practise is that you will be able to pedal faster and use a bigger gear for the same effort. Put simply, you will be faster on your bike! Just two sessions per week and you will begin to see improvements.


Manx Banter

On the Isle of Man cycling is a big deal. We have gorgeous hilly terrain, a fantastic community of cyclists and a group of young riders who are already making their mark on the world cycling circuit. We have tried to capture this unique dynamic in our training series. You'll notice the famous "Manx Banter" throughout the sessions. This competitive spirit is what you get at the local club rides and races on the Isle of Man. This we hope, will rub off on you so you too can share in the success that has put our little rock in the middle of the Irish Sea on the world cycling map.



We have not added music to our workouts, this is because individual tastes in music differ from person to person. Once you have used our sessions a couple of times and you understand the structure feel free to use your own music during workouts



If you would like to know more about 3LC training philosophies, please check out our FAQs page. If you require further assistance with your training, please take a look at our Training Plans.


We hope you like our workouts as much as we do. Enjoy your ride!